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Released on: 1970-01-01

I imagine the normal navigation will be easier, so this is primarily intended for search engines. But hey, if it’s usful to you as well, great :)

The title photo is a throw back to the video/blog post.

If you’re a search engine, you may also be interested in… Actually humans are welcome too! ;)

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Most of the discussions around screen resolution have been something like "I don't want it; therefore you don't want it." Let's dive into that.
When I created my first test pattern for testing the phones, I couldn't see what I expected to see. So I dived into why. What followed was a fascinating journey.
When someone tells you that the maximum that you can perceive is governed by the size and spacing of your cone cells; they are wrong. Let's dive into why.
How much of your phone's screen resolution can you actually see? This app helps you quantify it.
When I set the the font size to my preferences, it looks fuzzy on a 1080p display, but not on a 4k display. Why?
Over the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about whether you can make use of the full resolution on a phone with a 4K display. Let's dig in and actually understand this.
What are the actual Astro Slide screen dimensions?
How to find the Astro-specific settings.
Want to disable OneSearch? Here's how.
Sometimes the Astro Slide screen goes black. Here's an easy work-around.
Group of posts about the Astro Slide 5G.
Many people have reported the finger print scanner on the Astro slide 5G to be unreliable. Here's how to fix it.
It's very easy to have accidental key presses while closing the Astro Slide. Here's a method that makes it much easier.
Getting an external display running on the Gemini PDA (or any modern Android phone) without the HDMI dongle.
Getting an external display running on the Astro Slide (or any modern Android phone) without the HDMI dongle.
Privacy policy for the Resolution Android app.
I'm stopping my Patreon activity for now. Let's dive a little deeper into why.
How to get an external display working on your phone without using an HDMI adapter.
What is handWavey? And how to get up to speed with it more quickly.
4 easy phone hacks to make your phone more useful and fun
We had a bit of a storm, and it seemed worth a share.
The RandomKSandom series is the spiritual successor to FunnyHacks. Here, you can find all of the posts about it.
The RandomKSandom series has begun
More on the risks of running a crowdfunding based project.
Why you should think carefully before requesting refunds from a crowdfunding campaign.
CentOS, as we know it, is ending. What? Why? And what we should do next.
An easy way to get a dark theme for kmail content, that reliably works on pretty much everything.
This is a continuation of An SRE's confession. P(12)])(confession). If you haven't read that yet, you should start there. 1. Site look and logic 1. An SRE's confession P(11) 1. **[An SRE's confession P(22) - You are here. 1. Under the hood. 1. Why I chose the tooling that I ...
FunnyHacks recently underwent an overhaul from top to bottom. I covered the front-end stuff on and that was the right place for the post introducing the changes. But since RandomKSandom is where I'm going to be posting future content like this, this seemed like the right place to continue. ...
This tag is for grouping the various projects that I do. These range from quick hardware hacks the provide some use, through to larger software projects. ...
I've been in the computer industry for well over two decades. It has changed so much that it is barely recognisable compared to what it was. Most of the changes are for the better. Some are things that we have always sucked at. And some are very much worse. The weCanDoThisBetter series of blog posts is for addressing the areas where we could do better.
This is the page for when something goes wrong. Most likely a 404. Try going here instead. In case you were wondering what the photo is in the header, it's a lens for one of the LED light sources in a projector. It is both boiled, and cracked, which is ...
While the tags are the primary way to refine what you want to see around the site, themes are tags that are quite general and most likely to be at the right level for most people to browse or subscribe via RSS. ...
I imagine the normal navigation will be easier, so this is primarily intended for search engines. But hey, if it's usful to you as well, great :) The title photo is a throw back to the FunnyHacks.comtravel videoblog post. If you're a search engine, you may also be interested in ...
For now and the foreseeable future, this site does not use cookies by default. It has specifically been designed that way. There are features that you can choose to use that will warn you before setting cookies for the first time. At the time of this writing; those are: * ...
No information here yet. But there will be :) ...
Hi! This is me: At the age of 6, my dad taught me the basics of electronics, and I've been trying to electrocute myself ever since. This blog is a split off from the FunnyHacks blog. Over the last few years, as I've been growing, I've been finding the FunnyHacks ...
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