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Released on: 2020-07-17

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Most of the discussions around screen resolution have been something like "I don't want it; therefore you don't want it." Let's dive into that.
How much of your phone's screen resolution can you actually see? This app helps you quantify it.
Over the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about whether you can make use of the full resolution on a phone with a 4K display. Let's dig in and actually understand this.
Group of posts about the Astro Slide 5G.
I'm stopping my Patreon activity for now. Let's dive a little deeper into why.
How to get an external display working on your phone without using an HDMI adapter.
What is handWavey? And how to get up to speed with it more quickly.
4 easy phone hacks to make your phone more useful and fun
The RandomKSandom series is the spiritual successor to FunnyHacks. Here, you can find all of the posts about it.
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