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Released on: 2020-07-17

Hi :-)

This is me:

A picture of me.
Above: A picture of me.

RandomKSandom is the place for showing some of my projects and thoughts with the hope of making the world a better place while doing stuff that fascinates me.

Here are some of my recent, and favourite posts so far:

Posts using the same tags

Why portrain-only designs on mobile devices are a bug. And why that matters.
Getting the information and access you need to your infrastructure quickly, so that you can get back to sleep.
It's time to blow the dust off machine learning, and apply it to a dataset that I know.
I've just released the biggest, most exciting, update since the first public release of handWavey. The learning curve is dramatically reduced!
A recent question on Reddit resulted in many incomplete and wrong answers. It seemed valuable to dive a little deeper.
My CV had gained so much weight that it was hard to do anything with it any more, and it was hard to read. So I did something about it...
Control your computer using a Leap Motion controller, but with an every-day-quality implementation.
If your technical documentation would sound amazing when narrated by someone like Morgan Freeman, or Judi Dench, it's not documentation.
If you want to share stable diffusion on your network without exposing any information to the outside world. This is one way to do it.
There's a trick for getting a big speed boost on old hardware that's so easy that I'm surprised I haven't heard people talking about it.
What began as 3 tripods on a hill, and hours per photo, ended with way better results in seconds, hand held.
After 4 non-stop intensely challenging years, it was time for a change. This is what I did.
I accidentally automated Javelining a plane into the ground. And I learnt a huge amount along the way.
How much of your phone's screen resolution can you actually see? This app helps you quantify it.
Over the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about whether you can make use of the full resolution on a phone with a 4K display. Let's dig in and actually understand this.
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